System Reboots on Install.

Technical Support
I am currently working on this issue with a Submitted Ticket. But we still have not found a resolution. If anyone has any more info on a possible resolution that would be great. 8)

I have already tried every resolution that has been posted on this site.

The last two services to run before it reboots are the secondary log on and the application experience services. After that no errors are generated. then it reboots.
i did the same thing, checked the secondary log on and made sure it was enabled. I uninstalled the game thinking of nothing else to do. Now the game will not install. I have been playing this game since it first came out..

Yeah I just did the research on the secondary log on and all it says it to make sure it is enabled. The customer service guy has had me do everything under the sun and now there seems to be nothing left to do.
Now they are telling me to update my network driver. I am sure I have the newest one.

This is my response to them.

I need the newest driver for "Remote NDIS Compatible Device" which I believe I have. I need the one for Windows 7 64 bit. Hopefully you guys will find something before I do. I will keep looking. But I am still in the strong belief that the issue lies in the software.

Diablo three is the only thing that crashes my network device. It has to be a software issue.
Well they keep telling me to update the driver for my network device. I just downloaded and can play Path of Exile with know issues. There is no driver update for my network device cause I have the newest one. But yet they tell me the same thing. Blizzard is Epic Failing.

The device only fails with the diablo software. This means that it is their software.

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