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In modern times players view a games "success" by measuring it's amount of players.
The business part of a gaming company (marketing/production), view success as profit vs resources spent.

Steps to making a "successful" online game.
1) Use forums to homogenize mechanics until it's simplistic enough for anyone to play.
2) Set up never ending linear tiered progression gating.
3) Periodically release expansions that change the way the playerbase perceives the progression gating.

Wow is a addicting game for many, it stays true to it's playerbase.
Games should stay true to their playerbase.

A beta is made up of multiple playerbases testing the game.

Players want the game to be "successful", they question what's missing.
They think of addicting wow mechanics and ask for something, they receive it.
They start complaining about it being a clone, wondering why no one is being innovative.

Within 6 months of forum feedback every rpg I enjoy turns into wow.

The decisions are now made by consumers and marketing instead of gamers and devs.
Gamers are consumers, but we are outnumbered by people addicted to chasing a stick without a carrot.
They are doing this, the patch will let you see how many players are online just like pre 1.05.


Lap Chi

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