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There have been many threads about what to do with the current state of gems. Mainly being the lack of application for Topaz and Amethyst.

It would be nice to get a compilation of all the good ideas that people have voted for and see if Blizzard can shine any light on the subjects as to improving the use to our likings?

Thanks in advance for being civil about this.

Edit- Please check out this thread too which this idea would compliment. Together giving much more excitement in the item hunt and and with this also more diverse use of affixes.
These are the Marquise ideas:Some of these ideas have been thrown around already, but I haven't seen anyone comment on a possible addition to armor affixes.

Armor effects when socketed:
Emerald +60dex +10% chance to dodge
Ruby +60str +100-100min/max dmg
Topaz +60int +15%MS (goes OVER cap)
Amethyst +60vit +10%life

Each extra modifier could only be applied to your character once, i.e. no triple stacking topaz MS.

Weapon effects when socketed:
Emerald +60dex +110%CD +5% chance to stun target
Ruby +60str +150-150dmg +5-7% attack speed (randomly rolls on creation)
Topaz +60int +10%CC +5% chance to cast electrocute for 100% weapon damage over 3 sec
Amethyst +60vit +3%LS +300LOH +5% chance to cast gloom on wearer for 3 seconds.

For Non-Marquis it would be nice to have topaz be CC or IAS, and whenever you craft a higher level of Amethyst you get to CHOOSE either LOH or LS.
All ideas are better than what is currently implemented.
Better gems?
Here is (was) my idea:

Weapon: LOH+LOK
Helm: %Life Bonus
Other: +VIT
Offhand: Life Regen

Weapon: Crit Damage
Helm: GF+
Other: +DEX
Offhand: Movement Speed

Weapon: Crit Chance
Helm: XP+
Other: +STR
Offhand: Thorns

Weapon: Increased Attack Speed
Helm: MF+
Other: +INT
Offhand: Improved Resource Gain/Regeneration (a %, not a flat number)
Not bad, not bad. A hell of a lot better than it is now.

I mainly would like to see Topaz be IAS to compete with Ruby flat damage and Emerald Crit damage.

Next thing is like a lot of people are saying is to apply a new effect to offhands. THAT's an awesome idea.

Next thing after that is adding new item slots to be able to roll sockets (especially high end legendarys which should mostly have an open socket as a guarantee stat) to be able to expand the applications of each gems' potential bonuses. :D

Sounds so good I could eat it.
Even just a buff to Amethyst is needed at MINimum. Nice thought.
It's brilliant, but I hope you mean to swap the 'offhand' with 'other' stats. lol

And swap Rubys' offhand for IAS instead of Emerald.

The key to this I believe is to balance the gems with equal power in different slots.

Example - If Emerald has Main weapon-Crit Damage, Offhand-IAS, Other-Dex
- And Topaz only Main weapon-Thorns, Offhand-Life regen, Other-Int

Then Emerald are going to be literally three times more expensive because they have three GOOD (if not amazing) stat possibilities where Topaz has one (Int).

Where as if - Emerald had Main weapon-Crit Damage, Off hand-Thorns, Other-Dex
- Topaz had Main weapon-IAS, Off hand-%Damage reduction, Other-Int

Changing this would improve every aspect of the game I think.

Then it is a lot more balanced making the use for gems just that more versatile.
Id say even the tycoons would expect a decent bump for this kinda money.
Two tier bump for all the Marquise gems is the minimum as far as stats are concerned, plus where the complete original setup was da fail (like rubies in weapons), FIX!
I dont think 40% critical damage for 6 radiant emeralds and 40 million gold is too much to be asking for example.
This game been out for way too long compared to how much the gaming experience leaves to be desired...
Precisely grandma, this gem bonuses is the smallest yet biggest step in the direction of the itemisation every Diablo fan needs. More choices in the least.

Everyone has such high thoughts and views for where this game could be and no one wants to see this game fail. All these suggestions from everyone would make this game the ARPG it should be.

I still get excited thinking of what this game could become. :D

Decision to change how damage bonuses of the new and improved Rubies are calculated, was a good one too, it's transparent and clearly understandable now, though those numbers are a bit low. Re-evaluating the numbers on the Rubies before 1.0.7 ships is a key here, since Emeralds are a clear choice now. Please focus more on this, because "Radiant Star Ruby: +120 minimum damage/+120 maximum damage (up from +20/+20)" is really not comparable to Radiant Star Emerald bonus.

Regarding Topaz and Amethyst:

Change to Topaz damage (Weapon: Melee attackers take 2500 per hit) isn't a solution to the problem. Thorns and Topaz values should be a % of the incoming damage instead, this is how it has always worked in Diablo games. That will work both in inferno and normal diffuculty, current properties aren't.

We'd also suggest to bring diversity by changing Amethyst properties when socketed to weapons from Life on Hit, to much more desirable Life Steal - you will lose dmg bonus provided by Rubies and Emeralds, but you'll gain much needed surviveability. Since the game is around for a while, no one will invest in current, such low values of Life on Hit. It could look something like this:

Radiant Square Amethyst: 1.50% of Damage Dealt Is Converted to Life
Star Amethyst: 1.70% of Damage Dealt Is Converted to Life
Flawless Star Amethyst: 1.90% of Damage Dealt Is Converted to Life
Perfect Star Amethyst: 2.10% of Damage Dealt Is Converted to Life
Radiant Star Amethyst: 2.30% of Damage Dealt Is Converted to Life
Marquise Star Amethyst: 2.50% of Damage Dealt Is Converted to Life
Brilliant idea. Both are great!
Gems should be good
Should they not?
02/04/2013 01:42 PMPosted by Snoofo
Mainly being the lack of application for Topaz and Amethyst.

Blizzard has already talked about both of these.
Topaz is going about a rework which was discussed in detail but is still unofficial.

Amethyst is sufficiently powerful.
It's amazing for tanks, hardcore players and those entering low MP inferno.
Blizzard acknowledges that Amethyst isn't used by most the population but you can't deny it's an effective defensive gem.

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