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Hello i decided to try a bola shot stun build and im really liking it saw a few things pointing that having a calamity makes it even better would it be worth it for me to drop a few mil of a 950+ dps calamity with a socket or just keep rocking a manticore
Calamity beats manticore all day!
well on that note i know theres the obvious things on a calamity that i want but what should i be looking for to keep my dps the same or improve it a little with a calamity
You should use a DPS calculator like to help you decide. A 950 DPS socketed Calamity would probably be a significant DPS loss over your current two-socket Manticore, since you'll lose a lot of dex and crit damage. The DPS calculator would show you how much you'd lose.
Use a tool like, to see what your dps gains by stat are. If you switch to calamity you will notice that +average dmg is much more valuable. So try to get that stat on your jewelry pieces. Use my DH as a example if you want, my rare ring.. if I remove it, I lose like 50K dps. Average damage is king for calamity users.

Another nice thing about calamity users that other people don't often mention is you have very very plentiful discipline when running night stalker passive, more attacks per second == more crits per second == more disc. So you got some wiggle room to try more interesting builds.

For example in MP10 I often run hatred gen prep, because I don't need the discipline from it to keep a near 100% uptime with gloom, because I always have about 3-4 traps generating me disc, which generates hatred.. good synergy and insane damage.
alright thanks for the help guys sounds like ill be saving up for a good calamity next then and see how it goes
let me chime in on this as I'm certainly not unique as a manti or 2h xbow user who switched over to calamity.

Forgive my numbers as I no longer remember the exact figures. When I moved from a 2soc Manti over to a OS Calamity I lost between 50k-65k dps. This was HUGE at the time. If my memory serves I just broken the 200k dps mark. I believe my DPS was 201k-205k.

I was playing with a very skilled 1h calamity user (IceM) and loved the playstyle he had with the calamity and after a few weeks of playing with him and watching him tank elites with roughly the same AR and slightly more HP than I had.. I was envious. I was still outside kiting and running away from elite mortor rounds staying away from plague pools etc.

I didn't have a ton of gold and my first calamity but bought the best I could afford from the AH that had an open socket. dropped my DPS down to the 140k-145k dps mark. I lost about 55k DPS or there abouts (again my memory is a little fuzzy where I was exactly at the time but within margin of error). Part of the reason I lost so much dps on my dps sheet was also due to the fact I would be letting mobs close in on me. Doing this made Steady-Aim Passive void and replaced that passive skill with perfectionist.

Losing 50k dps was HUGE to me at the time and felt I may have bit off more than I could chew with this decision so I held onto my manticore for a little bit in case I wanted to switch back.

I found out instantly the calamity was a far superior weapon for me based on the way I wanted to play the game. I was tanking elites and found I was killing so much faster with the calamity over the manticore due to the fact I no longer needed to kite from the outside. I was able to simply let the mobs come to me and just keep firing away. Already having good CC I was critting a lot and my NS Passive was helping keep my disc full enough with mobs to stay in perma-gloom.

The 1h calamity isn't the cure-all-end-all 1h xbow. It depends on your style of play and what you like. What I can say is ..... I've let others (those I really trust in this game) use my calamity to see what they think and yanno what.... they have all converted over as the game seems to be much more fun playing in a more tank-mode against mobs/elites vs outside kiting.

Of course the crits are not as high as Manti .. and if you are a lover of the cluster bombs this might not be the best bow selection as you just won't have the huge crit numbers like those 2soc mantis can give with so much CD on them.

I guess for me I felt this bow change for me also added a lot to my survivability since I can virtually perma-gloom in MP10 ubers and high MPs with fast ASI and great disc regen. This doesn't require the Legacy Nats but does almost require you to use NS as a passive to keep that disc regenerating.

All in all.... I've swapped a lot of gear since that first calamity. I'm now on my 3rd one and now with just arch I'm at 257k dps. While this isn't in the Godly realm of DHs I feel I have no issues holding my own and virtually have no issues on the higher MPs maximizing certain skills to kill as quickly as possible.

Anyhooooo Best of luck to you in your endeavor of looking at Calamities. Just figured I'd share my experience with it and those who give you grief about the amount of "DPS" You may lose going to a bow like this usually are not as aware of how this bow changes your gameplay/style and allows you to pretty much kill a lot quicker since you don't have to really move at all and waste time kiting.
Just this morning I went from a 956dps 2 os Manti with ~250 dex, 11as, 100 crit dmg, and I bought the calamity you see on my profile. As you can see, it has less dex, 1% less as, and 9% less crit damage, and no sockets, but I boosted my DPS up by nearly 30k.

I'm not sure how the DPS of the person above me dropped so significantly, unless his manti was a 1300 dps and his calamity was a 800-900dps or something more drastic, but so far I am killing things MUCH faster than I was before, and I'm rolling through elites better.

I believe I took a much larger hit because I had a lot more CC. According to your profile spec you were running 19.5% CC and now with arch you are probably at 29.5% CC. That CC has made up for the loss I would assume.

I went form a 1100 manticore with no dex on it but had 2 soc and 92% CD over to a calamity which had 1079dps with 94% CD and an OS.

I was mostly stacked for CC/CD and almost no ASI. losing that 100% CD gem I took a hard beating coupled with the fact I removed SteadyAim (as mentioned) so my dps sheet dropped that much DPS. Quite a bit of the DPS drop was due to the Steady Aim on my dps sheet as that boosts your buffed dps by 20%. Had I kept steady Aim My drop would not have been nearly as significant. but Steady Aim is worthless when you spend 50% or more of your time in a tank-style position where mobs are around you in close proximity. I'm venturing a guess I lost 30k or there abouts removing the STeady Aim itself and the rest form the lost of CD until I was able to work on my ASI and AVG-DMG on jewelry and other gear.
I never added or removed CC from my weapon switch. My Manticore not only had 100% CD on it to begin with, but I also had 2 sockets in which I had 2 star emeralds for an additional 140% CD. All in all, by changing my weapons I lost 149% CD
like I said... you could have had 600 CD ... you had virtually no CC to back it up. so the loss wasn't very much. you gained way more in 10% CC gain from Archery Passive than you did losing that CD since you only had 19% CC.

Maybe this just isn't making sense to ya..... I dunno how else to say it.
Ah, yes. Missed the bit about archery. Forgot that changes depending on weapon.
02/05/2013 08:25 AMPosted by Kyosji
I never added or removed CC from my weapon switch. My Manticore not only had 100% CD on it to begin with, but I also had 2 sockets in which I had 2 star emeralds for an additional 140% CD. All in all, by changing my weapons I lost 149% CD

Changing your weapon to a 1h bow will convert the archery bonus to 10%cc instead of 50%CD from a 2h xbow

edit: Late to the party
that would be me :P
i bought both.... unfortunately, i found out the 1340 is clearly duped as another identical one popped up after I bought mine fml.
my 1340 is available for 2B
y would u buy 2 calamities for 2b each....

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