what to improve!

Hi guys, so what should i change to improve my farming ability for high lvl mp ( 7/8)...I can currently farm mp 7 pretty good but i would like to kill elites a tad faster and I have trouble with reflect dmg + molten combo, ( RD+molten+health link i just cant kill).

Thanks. I have around 70mil and more if i can sell my wizard.
No 70m upgrades I can see unless you get lucky to find a MH with socket and less crit. That only adds another 50cd. IMO your problem of survival is either low hp and/or low LS. I don't think your tdps is at the point where you can do LS x2 and have mediocre hp if you want to do higher mp.

Easiest fix is to flip gems to vit. Adding another slot of LS is tough since going to ik belt will drop you to a lower breakpoint.

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