prepare for SNS to be history tomorrow

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I'm looking at Aimless' gear and stats right now. I have similar dps, but he claims he can melt MP10 like it was MP5.

Umm is he for real?

You don't have anywhere near Aim's CC and not quite at his APS level either. This build requires heavy CC to be successful, and Aim even downgraded some CC it's not really that much and still like 12% more than yours..likely your issue. 12% CC is HUUUUGE dps for this build, hell for any melee wizard build.

in other news, paralysis completely broken ... ?

Solo build for this...!Wcg!YccZZc

As i've said about 7 times in this thread so far (grumble grumble), Paralysis works just fine, but the only spell with a coefficient high enough to proc it reliably is Living Lightning.

In regards to the build you posted, it looks like fun, but i thought i would point out that the main point of this build, and really the only reason LL + Meteor might be better than SNS or WW + Meteor, is Arcane Dynamo, and if you cast Frost Nova or any other AP spender (like Blizzard) with the AD buff up it will consume it and your meteors won't get buffed -- that's why the original build doesn't have Frost Nova and uses Magic Weapon - Electrify instead of Explosive Blast, so all the AD procs go to Meteor.

That said with the buffs coming to Blizzard i reckon buffing that with AD as well as Meteor might not be a bad idea.

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