Would appreciate advice on my Barb~!

Hi all,

Just into barb not too long ago.... have done a ww build and would greatly appreciate any advice on how to make it better! What would be my best upgrade next?

I can farm mp 7 quite comfortably.... 8 still takes too long for my liking O.o
shoulders could use more all resist (60+) drop hellfire and possibly soj too for cc/cd and or ias/str/ar.
If you get ar on these 3 items you can drop it off the ammy and go for something like mine but better :) but if you want to farm high MP's skorn rend/hota barb is usually the best option :)

EDIT: My rend/hota barb can kill MP10 elites in under 1 min usually :) not bad for a 400-500 mill barb
Wow.... thanks for the inputs CamSally, not really tried rend/hota build before but u are tempting me haha.... u can uber on MP 10 as well?
Not really into the technical numbers but have seen some really good advices from some of the seniors here.... Anyone with inputs on how to improve my barb further?
What is your goal? How fast are you killing elites in MP8 on average, and what is an "acceptable" level for you?

At this stage, I would say you'll need to save up and get better versions of what you already own.

Maybe 50K Life for a nice buffer in higher MP.
Roll a better Hellfire definitely.
Craft better Vit shoulders (300 Str, 330 Vit max stats).
More Vit on the Inna pants.
Get better damage range on the Butcher's Sickle so you can use it on main hand (emerald on EF still gives more DPS than a ruby), or get a rare Mace.
A chd+socket Echoing Fury (or LS if you are looking at using a rare Mace).

The Witching Hour is also a future option, but you'll need to replace the AR on other gear, and maybe 2 LS weapons to make the jump.
Wow Eclipse,

Thanks for the detailed tips, very much appreciated. MP8 is done very comfortably at the moment....
I am still a bit clueless on the damage range part, what do u guys mean when u say better dmg range?

As for the gem on the EF i did try both emerald and ruby and the red one seems to be giving me better numbers at the moment....

Once again, thanks!
Damage range are the small numbers (e.g. xxx - xxxx) you see below the big DPS figure on your weapon. Generally, you'll want your main hand to have above 1k on the max roll.

I guess you should be seeing more consistent damage/Rend healing with the Ruby.

If you're primarily spamming HotA, you should be getting slightly better DPS with the emerald.

If I didn't miscalculate, you should be sitting on around 82% buffed HotA chc at the moment (gear + WotB + passives + max Fury bonus).

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