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It's been a while since I last saw a monk NOT using Natalya's ring and boots. Besides the obvious answer that they grant nice bonuses, why is that? Rare items often grant bigger bonuses.

To be honest I've been trying from time to time to get mine too but the comparison seems plain stupid regarding cost effectiveness. The boots and ring that I m currently using outperform, most of the time, the set (mitigation, vit) granting in some cases some questionable dps boost. And if I want to get a slight dps improvement and the 12ms I ll need more than 300m.

So answer me this please and put me out of my misery; Why is Natalya's ring and boots a must have on the well geared monk? And frankly; is it worth the effort?

For your convinience here's my monk
A nat ring with cc roll, coupled with a nat boot, gives another 7%cc, making it able to breach 10%cc at least and the boot roll nice stats too. And, the boot slot is kinda free to use whatever unlike pant=inna for monk case
Yes I know that much. My argument lies exactly on that. IT'S ONLY 7%cc.

For example, when I simulate your ring and boots against mine I gain a mere 3k dps boost and I loose ~100 all res give or take (with OWE) which would be a pain to try and compensate with another piece of gear.

How much did your ring and boots cost yuhhaur?
02/02/2013 01:32 AMPosted by MrVet
Why is Natalya's ring and boots a must have on the well geared monk? And frankly; is it worth the effort?

on a well geared monk the extra 7% crit really amplifies the rest of your gear.

02/02/2013 01:48 AMPosted by MrVet
My argument lies exactly on that. IT'S ONLY 7%cc.

its 7% more crit that u wont be able to find on any other part of your equipment.
Boot 50mil, ring looted.

If not of my ring looted, I won't consider the nat boot
My paper doll says I don't get the 7% bonus. I wonder what the patch will do to it?
Your ring and boots on my monk drops my DPS by 4.9k

That rare ring of yours is very nice indeed. If I had that, I'd pair it up with a good Ice Climbers. A quick look at the AH puts your ring close to 90M. My Nat boots and ring can be had for just around 70M or less. Let's also not disregard the fixed movement speed, reduce melee damage and armor bonus on the Nat's boots.
@icyraine nice nat set. This would be an upgrade on my current rears :) But dude lets be realistic. Your overall gear status is not just great; it's extreme.

Here's the same ritorical question I asked yuhhaur too; How much did your nat's boots and ring cost? I did the same simulation with your set (which probably has the best possible rolls on it) and again I gain some dps but I loose so much on mitigation.

Considering the cost of good rolled nat's boots and ring it just doesn't make sense to me. With your rationale maybe if I got uber gear on all the other pieces, nat's set would compliment the rest of my gear with an extra boost on killing everything faster. But when it comes to mp 10 how do you fair w/o serenity?
@yuhhaur nice luck :)

@froix I use it for quite some time now and weren't able to upgrade it yet that's why I m considering nat's set , but the prices on them are disheartening. Besides the ms the reduce melee dmg is situational and doesn't affect molten, pools, sentrys etc and the armor bonus is just meh next to 100 all res.

Nice to know its price is 90m, I got it only for 35m to my recall. Did a simulation on your gear with my ring and boots and you loose ~7k dps but your hits stay the same, you would just do 3% less crits :/

@virtueboy lets hope its about changes and not a bug. Still silence on the forums about that.
Yeah, better hold off investing on this Nat combo before we know more on what they're planning for that first set bonus.

I recommend looking at Ice Climbers though. You can potentially get over 300 dexterity, possibly gain life and not lose resistance.
02/02/2013 02:32 AMPosted by MrVet
Here's the same ritorical question I asked yuhhaur too; How much did your nat's boots and ring cost?

so your real question is actually about cost effectiveness and if u can afford it cos nats 2pc ( ring and boots ) is really worth it.

02/02/2013 02:32 AMPosted by MrVet
But when it comes to mp 10 how do you fair w/o serenity?

actually i use serenity , its too good to pass up imo :) , great ohshix button

mp10 with my gear , its pretty much faceroll ... as in i can hold on to the mouse and roll my face on buttons 1-4 without dying.

i went with around 5k armor and 500 resists cos thats all the mitigation i need during my tests.
Natalya's 2 set bonus is extremely unbalanced and should be removed completely.
50% crit chance ez
@froix I will look the ice climbers solution your suggesting and get back to you.

@icyraine true, cost effectiveness is what I have in mind. But since a good set (eg your set) won't even get me close to 200k dps and I don't like serenity, I can't see nat's set as an upgrade yet :(

@kojin your point beeing? 43% is still good and with more mitigation it could be more useful than 50% beeing able to use it only for 3-4sec while serenity lasts.
i had a pair of boots similar to yours with movement speed, double resist (like 114 all up) and 250 dex. i used d3 up do the math and i found that even though i was losing resists, i was staying at equal damage reduction due to the high armour of nat's. to top it off, i got melee damage reduction.
holy hell, Icyraine!!!! that amulet! that freaking amulet!!! are you freaking kidding?!? who did you sleep with at Blizzard for that beauty?!
I dunno bout u but i like my nats. Each to their own in the end.
@MrMojo your set overcomes my rears on mitigation by a bit (melee reduction, armor, little less res, no vit, life regen i can live w/o :)) and grants 3% more cc...

I still can't see it guys :(( How is that worth 100m or maybe more?

@seansky guess so. But EVERY monk is using them. Figured I gotta be missing something.
the movement speed is the kicker. i like as much as i can get!

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