Silver's Gearing Service - Part 2

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Zerazar, yes it does - and you're in luck, I'll be on today. =) I'm not on as much as I used to, but if you catch me while I'm online, I'll help you. I've added you (and wlsp) in-game.

EDIT : Zerazar, it appears you're on the EU server. In this case, I can only make suggestions on here (in the forums) as cross-server work like I usually do is impossible.
Just helped another two guys out! =) This is fun! =)
i wouldnt mind some advice got 132 mil or so need some more ehp and damage
Sorry for running out on you earlier I realized the time and I had to rush off to work I took your advice and bought an amulet not equipped yet but give 5k dps and a bit to ar
@BladeMaster : Just to be clear to everyone else reading this, the amulet was only ONE of my recommendations, and certainly not the first. =) Too bad you had to run out, no worries. Just hit me up again when we're both online, we'll set you up.
Hi silver,

I'm trying to hit 100k dps with the remaining $25m gold that I have left. Can you help?
Please look at my profile and give me suggestions.

My friend was kind enough to fund this. So I want to make this count.
I'll patiently bid for the items if needed.

Yes ty silver I know the ammy wasn't the first suggestion but I think it was the biggest weak spot I'll hit you up next time I see you but thanks again for the suggestions
Really wanna hit between 200 and 300k, or be mp9 or so doable. Please let me know thx :)

Silver was kind enough to spend a generous amount of time with me this evening trying to talk me out of my blackthorne addiction, purple gems, and overall mountain of 60k Hp.

I feel sort of naked in my skimpy blue leggings but all the green gems do match my lady monk's eyes! So, we'll see how that goes.

Seriously though, his advice was all friendly, too the point, and founded on solid logic - monk just got some different logic that I'm still coming around to.

He gave really good advices for my monk.

Manage to boost my dps a fair bit.

Tipped him 15% of total cost.

Well done.

Thank you! ;)
They silver you still doing this?
Indeed, why?
03/25/2013 07:35 AMPosted by Silver32
Indeed, why?

i have a sticky to maintain :)
Understood. =) Thanks for asking. I hesitate to just randomly bump the thread, but I suppose I should to indicate activity (or willingness for it, anyways!).

So for anybody wondering and reading this - yes, I can still help you gear. =)
gear me!
I'd love some help silver. If you could add me in-game that would be great.
hey, I support this campaign.
good job Silver32, the Force is strong in you. ;D
Great guy!
Thank you for all the help Silver, you've really helped a new2monks player out.

Hope to see you around.
Raahl : Thanks for the support! =)

Siero : My pleasure. =) Siero is also a great guy - patient, flexible, understanding. Quite articulate too. He's got a solid monk now - hope he treats you well, man!

I'll be on and off today if someone wants/needs some help.
Hey Silver. I would be interested in sponsoring some gear giveaways.

I have a thread started here,

and would appreciate it if you could contact me in game.

~ Sheep#1187

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