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According to customer service my auction number is 1343002384 but I have no way of knowing if thats correct. I was bidding on a pair of Ice Climbers and the last thing I saw was that I was winning when they expired but I never got the boots showing up in the completed tab or the gold refunded. This was on 1/31/13 sometime between 7:30 and 9:30 Est. So it's going on 72 hours and still nothing.
Memnom, alot of us have the same issue. We are getting no worthwhile response from Blizzard, except "Maybe" just maybe, you might see the item in 5-10 days.

Seems doubtful to me.
This must be handled by customer support, but it's become clear that the bottom-level ticket team is not trained to handle AH issues. According to Omrakos, a blue in the Technical Support forum, you need to request that your ticket be escalated to the appropriate team. The ticket team should do this themselves without you having to ask, but most of them apparently haven't been trained to do that. Blizzard has probably hired on quite a few new people to handle all the additional problems Diablo III has caused, and they haven't had time to learn everything necessary to do their jobs yet.
Well I got my stuff today finally.
i'm having the same issue. i was winning a bid when it expired but i haven't received the item or get the gold back in case i lost somehow.

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