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items do not leave game just enter it, gold comes and goes via 15% ah tax. thus items only deflate as stronger and more come in, while gold remains stable as it comes and goes?

logical or am i missing something?
Botters only loot gold and leave the items on ground.
02/03/2013 10:06 PMPosted by Greed
items do not leave game

Not true, items do leave game:


1. Player A happily spamming the selling and not knowing he swap his god-like perfect rolled offhand and sell it to vendor and logoff. Tomorrow login again to realise his offhand is "missing" forever.

2. Player A accidentally salvage the item (very unlikely, but anything is possible)

Losing the item (but not really lost, but as bad as well)

1. Player A drop the item on ground while re-organise the stash and suddenly a player join his game and pick up his item on ground and logoff. Player A never see this guy again. (Player A fails to make the game private)

2. Player B scam Player A for the item.
botted gold is already accounted for in the d3 economy, items worth 100m today, worth half in two weeks(personal experience).

also veda, those are accidents not an actual item sink on top of being rare occurrences.

only items that seem to sustain value are top tier, but even those are susceptible by dupers.

if you were too quit and plan to return at a later time, would you sell for gold or maintain your gear?

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