Help! AH ate my EF

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Yesterday when I checked the AH for the status on my EF it wasn't there. It wasn't in the completed tab, stash, or still up for bid.

I spoke with a game master in technical assistance and he said nothing has ever gone missing since the games release. Great! But he also said it could take 72 hours to come back?

Still not back in stash. Anyone else have this issue and have the item come back? Starting to feel like I'm out a lot of gold.
In the last week i've had a nice IK irons, 2 socket Manticore.,and a nice ring go missing from AH after they sold,no sign of them in the completed tab or record they even exsisted, i'm out a consierable amount of gold. I couldnt even be bothered to conplain, pointless!
Well it's Blizzard who said to use the AH and not trade pvp. My bank just lost my money and has offered no help other than hopefully it comes back.

I do hope te game master was correct, he seemed confident, but it was my OH and I can't play now!

I know nothing's perfect and I am understanding and patient, I just hope this gets resolved because of not....
I've had the same thing with a Skorn I posted. just open a ticked Via Support on the account page and opt in to chat online with a GM. Provide a screenshot showing the item that failed to escrow.


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