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I asked for some help in the bug forum, but someone told me, that i should better post this problem here.

So this is my problem

hi guys

i have a little problem and wanted to ask for help.
the ticket system seems to be closed so i write in this forum.
i hope i have found the right place for this kind of problem.
about two weeks ago i bought an item at the auctionhouse.
It was hands called "Brawlers Wisp" (link to them:
the big problem is it had strength (60-90) and vitality (40-60) on it when i bought it.
i dont know the exactly stats but it was in that range.
but now these stats are gone and the item disappeared from the history of my purchase.

how can this happen?
and what can i do?

can blizzard restore my original item or may i have bad luck?

ps: please don't tell me about grammar or stuff, i'm not so good at it (english is not my native language :/ )
can nobody help? *bump*
Unfortunately the advice you were given was mostly incorrect. Tech Support is here to help get the game installed and running on the user's PC. There is nothing they can do about an in game item unless it is a display issue with your game software. The Forum Support Agents are not GMs, Developers, Designers, Billing Reps, or the QA folks who fix bugs. So you see, there is nothing they can do.

As for item restores,Blizzard does not provide that service in D3 at all for any reason. You can read that policy here. So, there is no point in putting in a ticket. All you can do is report it as a bug and move on.

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