First "Check me out and flame" thread

Fellow Monks,

I feel as though my gear/build isn't quite where I want it to be as an end goal, but it's also in a pretty good position.

This gearing/build runs ML4 at an acceptable pace, while ML5 (my prefered) is slightly slower but IMO more fun.

As everyone is, I'm looking for advice on getting my DPS to the 100k mark, and I'm looking for advice on potential defensive upgrades as well... My survivability is fine right now, but I want to keep progressing obviously.

I would like to keep MF. I think MF is playing on hard mode- as you are only playing 5 affixes instead of 6, and frankly its a badge of honor. That said, if everyone agrees the ONLY way to get to the highest levels of play is to drop it completely, then well, it would be foolish not to listen and consider.

Thanks for your time,
Katale (would change my name to Areo Hotah if possible for those who get the reference ;-) )
You could potentially look for Jewelry upgrades that have MF on them.

I think your belt could be fairly easily replaced (you would lose some armor, obviously).
Wow. Setting yourself as an open target for flaming? Wow. That is a first. Unfortunately for the masochistic OP, I'm not one to do that, so I'll leave it to others to do it.

But yes, the requirement of having MF will hold you back from progressing to higher MP levels. Much better to powerlevel your way through MPs to get your MF that way. For information about gearing and all kinds of good information about playing a monk:
Do you use a Skorn for normal play, a la non TR'ing? If so, you'll either need to upgrade your Skorn, or switch to dual wielding.

You'll need more hp too, and its usually ideal for PVE to only use emeralds in your sockets, so I'd suggest looking for a new Vast Expanse with a vit roll instead of armor.

After that, I'm not sure what the # of random rolls on your jewelry is, but if you wanna maintain using those pieces (for mf, like you said) you'll have to find them with better offensive random rolls like cc, cd, or ias. Or dex if its cheaper I suppose.
If you are looking to be flamed, the barb forums are -----> that way.

Use MF gear in low MPs and sacrifice it for the higher MP gear. Best of both worlds.
yo, Areo.
I like the idea of the badge of honor stats,
but you might be wearing the wrong badge,
get the badge of Pickup Radius, stack it in every slot, it's better than Magic Find. ;D

I like ur build too, especially that Tranquility. ;)
Thanks for all the feedback,

Yea Tranquility is up because I was playing coop last... Wish it had a solo benefit as well so it would be useful regardless (cause I always forget to switch it) but thats besides the point.

I like the idea of having two sets of gear for different situations. Given how little items are worth now a days, resale doesn't really make sense.

I'll look into replacing the belt. Reading all this feedback, along with the other threads, makes me realize I have all kinds of barriers that I put upon myself; this one being that I, for some stupid reason, like to keep my HP low, and rely on damage reduction. Now I use a gear spreadsheet to manage my gear, so I'm well aware of how much better Vit is point to point than any other stat, but in light of that I guess I hold myself back for the sake of nothing.

So realistically, to get higher than ML5,I'm thinking I should:
Drop MF ( or replace with pickup ;-) )
Boost Vit
Replace Skorn (I appriciate dual weilding, but my build is better suited to 2h'ders, and I reject changing everything cause... well.. then it's just cookie cutter and where's the fun in that)

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