Came into 130M Need Help

I have 130 million to upgrade my character.

I am asking for general advice, based on my current gear, on how to improve my character. I can already do MP4 easily and farm anything at or below that level.
your IK belt and gloves are fairly low end, you could get some with more str and + armor, possibly all ress on the gloves (I think its about 30-50mil for IK gloves with 500 armor 200 str and 70 all ress),

you could also try for a decent IK helm (70 all ress 200 str) and IK boots for the 5 piece bonus (which is a nice tactical option to have in pvp). or try for a cc mempo.

There are better rolled vile wards and IK chest pieces but those are fine for the moment. You could also get better ice climbers they have dropped in price a bit,

As I see it your your low hp needs higher mitigation to offset the damage, Once you raises it you may find you don't need as much Life steal as mitigation makes life steal more effective. This could free up a passive spot for another damage rune. brawler is pretty decent.
Thanks for the reply. My friend and I have been looking at lot of prices for new Ice Climbers, new IK gloves, and IK Belt.

My friend also suggested better shoulders.

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