advice on my bear doctor

Witch Doctor
I just spend some gold for the upgrade: max the mana regen with visage and keep 4 piece zuni combo.
I think I need a CD+OS+life steal, one hand weapon. maybe a juma knife, but I cannot afford the top juma knife now 1000dps double CD.
I personnally prefer going black weapon double cd+ls, but it just cost even more than manajuma knife with no intelligence...
any other comment?
I think I might regear for extra pickup radius, then I can use the combo GF GI
I'd actually look to add more HP first, then more damage
I will get a better pants with vitality. then add pick up radius and more CD less CC on amulet and more CD on weapon, is that what u mean?
He means your health is to low at 31,800. If you want to survive in mid level MPs get your health over 40,000 and 45,000 would be better.

Doesn't matter where your CC and CD are, it all counts the same.

Not sure what the goal of your upgrade is? Just what are you trying to do? Just get more DPS?
well, I will get more vitality on my pants. and then change my shoulder and zuni boots for +pickup radius to use GF. My goal is to get as much as mana regen and keep throwing bear in high mp. and GF will buff my dps. I dont like 2 handed weapon, even though it is a lot easier to do high mp with a LS skorn.
for cc/cd, it is better to get into a ratio of 1:10 thats why I said, lower my cc and increase my cd

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