Need help on gearing advice~

Hi Guys, I need help on my gearing or what can I get for 150mil budget upgrade ?
Also I read some threads with a lot of abbreviation which I really cannot understand at times lol.
Please help me. Thank you so much!
For WW your priority should be 12% more Movement Speed IE Lacuni's or inna's
rcchris is right about the move speed. I recommend going lacuni's over inna's to start though. You'll lose str, you'll gain IAS and MS.

Read these before you do ANYTHING:

WW/RLTW gearing thread by Uberjager:

Double Tornado budget build and gear reference by PhatPhoEater:

Then always use d3rawr to make sure you know where your upgrades are taking you.
add me, i do upgrade for barb professionally most of my time
Thanks so much guys! really appreciate it~
150m? if so, this is poor value. 46k hp with vit gem in helm? ZERO LS on gear? not hitting 2.5aps on OH? 400AR?
If you were to switch that dagger for a budget EF like my old one ( ), you would swing with 2.5146 / 2.376 hitting another breakpoint on both hands. I would say do something like that... but you really need some LS on your gear. Perhaps getting a low dps EF with LS/OS/.24+ aps would be better... but I am not sure how much those are going for these days. The 'budget' EF's for OH's are rising in prices daily so I never know what kind of deal you can find.

Other than that... do what Punxx says and read those articles. Your gear just doesn't seem to work well together from what I can see. You got to have a place to aim for rather than just buying random gear with stats that improve your dps.

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