Need help with improving my gear

Hey guys I'm looking to improve my gear! Could use with some advice

i also have a Skorn that is as follows
1418 dps
+266 min
+253 max
42% damage
340 Strength
11% Attack Speed
141% Crit

so: which build should i use, and what should i upgrade next?
it would also be nice if you could estimate what mp i should be able to do comfortably now

Thanks loads! (: (:
if u want to go with skorn start using hota/rend. skorn isnt viable with dt/ww unless ur have billions to spend on godly gear.

for ur current build:
1) lose the hellfire and pick up a ring with attack speed and cc. bonus exp is basically pointless to have imo due to the fact that in the next patch exp scaling for each MP is dramatically increasing.
2) lose the ruby in ur helm and get an amethyst (same reason as above) for more ehp and life
3) switch out ur depth diggers for pants similar to mine. depth diggers are pretty worthless to have unless they have insane rolls of vit and str. so rare pants are much better.
4) get some crit lacunis
5) get CD on ur ammy

EDIT: 6) also, consider picking up an EF with .24/.25 ias so u dont have to have as many slots of attacks speed. dt/ww isnt based off of paper dps. it is based off of attacks speed (dmg from rltw) and tDPS
thanks alot! i remember you replied to my other post, but i made a few changes and wanted to see what else there was (: crit lacunis is abit out of my budget due to the insane cost but i'll work on the rest! thanks!

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