SnB Barb looking for help.

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I cant seem to get my dps any higher without sacrificing EHP, I am looking for help on what I should upgrade. I know that my weapon isn't very good, and I know that I only have 3% ls(I am ok with this, I don't ever die).

So I come here to see what I am doing wrong with my gear I guess, I would like to continue using the shield, i love the blocks, and the EHP that it is giving me.
If you are using the WW build, you are only one attack speed item away from the 1.82 APS breakpoint so make that upgrade a priority. Your HF ring is terrible for DPS... you need to roll a better one.

It's expensive to get high DPS with SnB. You need some of the big ticket items like a CC Mempo, CC Lacuni's, and high DPS sword.

Here's my SnB profile, which might give you some ideas:

If you take a look at the SnB thread, you'll find people with extreme EHP, extreme DPS, or a balance of both. It's also the best place to ask questions:
First Replace Main hand with Axe/Mace Str/Vit/Crit Dmg 70%+ Socket w 100% Crit Dmg Gem
Second Change Inspiring Pressence to Weapons Master
Third Replace Shield for Sword/Dagger 800+ Life on Hit Crit Dmg + Socket w 100% Crit Dmg Gem
(If you can get Str/Vit on weapon its always a bonus but that many offensive stats on one weapon will cost ya)
These 2 steps alone will up your dmg and the life on hit will more then make up for any dmg you are taking.
Third All Resists - You can drop the shield and run about 550 unbuffed AR and you will have more EHP then you do with the shield.
Fourth - Your Hellfire ring is pretty crap. For Ubers or higher up farming I would suggest running something with much more dps and some AR you could just about with the right ring up your AR and dmg by a good chunk.
Last thing I know rings and amulets with Crit Dmg and Crit or Attack speed look like the way to go but a ring with higher Crit some Str/Vit/AR and AVERAGE DMG will give you better numbers.
I logged onto this barb last night and dropped 8$ on him and am able to do Ubers 7 pretty easy.

I dont have the 40-50 mil pieces you do but imagine if i did this is a budge barb of about 30 mil and is well rounded and 100k dps 700 AR buffed with 45k hp.
Also Grab a set of Lacuni Prowlers. If your on a budget grab Str/9Attack Speed. If your not well sky is the limit.
Thanks Veepow, @SomeDevil - feel free to dropby in the S&B QA thread and throw your questions there, you will meet a lot of barbs still using shields in both pve farming, uber and pvp. It is a friendly environment so you can make friends there.


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