It is official my monk is a better Wizard

The IK Gloves just look kick !@# on my Wiz her regular gloves are on the Monk and Looks matter to me other wise I would add a TAls chest and Mempo and gain 80 K DPS I am unwilling to wear that clown suit though looks terrible.

The topic title was just to incite some interest. It is good that Monk is better now just want some wizard loving to .
I use IK Gloves and Chest on my Monk. Looks amazing. :) Plus they're actually good pieces for him. Chest is HUGE EHP, and if you take the the 2-piece bonus of 60 AR and add it to the gloves, it's hard to find something comparable for the price (I paid like 15m for the gloves and only 20m for the chest).

Anyhow, yea Monk is pretty damn sick on PTR right now. I use Quickening coupled with stun bells, cyclone strike, and bloody palm and can do MP10 pretty easily with only like 140k dps and around 5k armor and all resist (the missing pieces in his profile are on my DH right now, they share clothes :P ). Double LS really helps with all the massive damage going around due to the buff to Wave of Light. It's kinda silly. Back before I sold all of my Wizard's gear (kinda trying to rebuild him, slowly), he had 200k dps, 6.5k armor and like 800 AR and he didn't have near the survivability, mobility (sometimes I swap out Cyclone Strike for Dashing Strike), nor kill speed that my Monk has right now on PTR.

And after playing both Monk and Demon Hunter, it really makes you realize how limited the Wizard class is. For example, using Vault on my Demon Hunter is like having Teleport without a cooldown. Why Teleport has a cooldown to begin with is beyond me when it should be limited by AP instead. And Shadow Power: Gloom puts every defensive cooldown that a Wizard has to shame (and if you build right you can pretty much have it up damn near always).
Comparing a known efficient build against some random build that is criminally inefficient....

I can see how you came to your conclusion.
bow chicka wow wow.

but wiz owns monk in dueling, right?

Monk is far better than wiz in pvp, in fact monks are about as good as DHs after they buffed WoL, that thing does insane dmg now.
Lol My build is Quicker then CM up to MP 5 and as fast as Archon to mp 4-5 not what I would call inefficient .

If I put on my 500 k DPS Archon Set up and still said Monks are great on PTR and are better Kiters then Wizards would you still not actually try monk or just go I do not understand his set-up so he is bad ;) .
I'm still figuring out my monk... it seems like monk is inbetween cm and archon. little bit of mix of playing style.. or i might be totally off =P
Monk's 1.07 buff to WoL AND LTK both out-nuke anything a Wizard can do. It's kinda sad.

Roll a Monk.

Spec a Spirit Generater with extra-spirit-on-crit

Get crit/aps gear.

Spam LTK OR WoL.


No clue why some Monks are crying when at less than 200k DPS they can out-dps most 300k+ dps classes thanks to sweeping wind + spirit spenders.
Haven't tried PTR but how are Blizzard and Arcane Orb doing? I tried out AO the other night on the live servers and at least on lower MPs it makes quite a mess. Couple that with the buff to Temporal Flux and I think we might have a newly viable build on our hands!

Just speculation.

I like my monk a lot but I think CM wizards are more capable of MP10 than most classes. With the snapshot nerf monks are going to have a slightly harder time in MP10 I think. Wizards are only getting buffed this patch.

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