Name 1 Thing D3 Did Right

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covetous shen
02/02/2013 12:28 PMPosted by Progenitor
Legendary's drop fine, they just aren't worth using most times. Set peices are worse.

I can name a lot of things wrong with this game but what you just said is complete garbage.
Act 2 cinematic was the only thing done right.
Gender Selection!
AH. Love the addition. It is buggy, and has its down time, but the idea as a whole is great.
The biggest thing D3 did right was the character design for the Wizard. I feel they both like class appropriate and I love the female wizard's voice actor. Though they still messed up massively on almost all Wizard skills. Need less things like mines exploding and more masterful control of the elements.
02/02/2013 12:44 PMPosted by babinro
hard to find 1 thing
Cashed in on the hopes and dreams of millions of Diablo 2 players who expected a true successor, but got this instead.
Little things I appreciate:

Mobs flying up towards the camera after explosions and such. Kind of wish it happened more.

Damage numbers all over the screen. Satisfying as a CM wiz.

The legendary drop noise and the beam of light. It gives me a faint 10 seconds of hope before I identify another crappy leg/set item lol.
used to be that uniques werent supposed to be bis....oh well

having an AH is awesome
Done right? ... removal of everything that made Diablo2 an amazing game... oh wait you said done right.

!@#$ All
Lot of trolls here saying there is not one good thing about this game. What an absurd statement.

Combat is way more fast paced and satisfying than D2.
They got the right number for the title = D3.
Having Jay Wilson step down as game director. BA-ZING!

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