Name 1 Thing D3 Did Right

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All items being 1 or 2 slots, no more tetris.
02/02/2013 12:28 PMPosted by Mountains
Sold millions of copies.

Profitting off its predecessors.
Health Globes
Since diablo 3 did so many things right and very little wrong I prefer to name what is wrong with the game.

The only thing I think diablo 3 did wrong is create agonizing end game gear progression without having enough content to enjoy it with.
sales, due to d2's popularity/fan base
this and it`s real
inb4 blue posts in this thread realizing that it isnt against d3 in any way
Graphics and fight sequences are unmatched!!!
Ability to have more than two abilities bound to a key at once.

Auto gold pickup and giving it more of a purpose then just buying potions and repairing.

Individual drop in public games although the race to grab loot after A baal or other run was fun at times (really only when you got everything)

Act 1's terrain was also very nice (would of loved it if the act was longer)

Journals and other little story elements.

I was pretty disappointed with the game and how small the acts where compared to D2 but after coming back and playing the game again they really did improve on the zones when it comes to aesthetics, hopefully in the expansion they increase their size or any new acts are much larger and on par with act II's deserts in D2. e.x having to search false tombs and assemble tal rashas staff, instead of just searching two small locations for kultun zulles parts.I admit my recollection may be tainted by nostalgia its been a long time since I last played D2 might have to install it and start a new necro.
Because there is Diablo 3, thus a character named Leah is born.

With that, Leah cosplay came into being. Frankly speaking , Leah is hot.

That's the only reason i need to play this game :)
Marketing strategy.
02/02/2013 04:58 PMPosted by Laward
Marketing strategy.
Bringing out peoples NERD RAGE!!
Cinematic theatrical movie.
Loot system, eg Auction house.
It eventually released
02/02/2013 12:33 PMPosted by Ignatius
Skill design

combat system, is great!
healtyh globes
autopick up
biggesr stash
no corpse retireving

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