Humble monk requesting PC on AR Blackthorne's

Witch Doctor
Hello there Witch Docs. Great class, always love teaming up with you guys.

Found an interesting pair of Blackthorne's Jousting Mail and would really appreciate a price check please :)


94 Strength
100 Dexterity
188 Intelligence
99 Vitality
73 All Resistance
458 Life on hit
+10% Life
19% Magic find
really variable because most people want to stack a lot of vit on pants, I know people who turned down AR BT's for a 280 vit and socket.

As it is, probably ~45-55 mil from my perspective (that's if there are no sockets, which I am assuming)

My quote based on fact that you can get Depth Diggers with similiar int / vit and 1 sockets for ~20 mil these days, and then a vit gem in the socket makes up for the 10% life (mostly). But people with toad builds and some AC love the loh.

Thanks so much for the detailed and quick response. Very helpful indeed. From what I have seen on the AH, the AR rolls for these pants are void of sockets, sadly.

I seem to find a lot of gear for the WD class. Wonder if I should just keep the gear and make one....Seems so complicated though.
Sweet pants. Me jelly. (sorry can't help more)
Yup, should get around 55-60m for them.
I sold a pair with 20mf, 61ar, and 2 sockets for 185 million... Sockets make a huge difference to the value. Sold those quick! :P
Nice clean up Jay! Managed to move them for 90 million. Not bad in my books! Thanks again for the advice guys :)

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