Retain NV Stacks After Changing Skills/Runes

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02/04/2013 01:31 PMPosted by Zaxxon23
I wish they'd just get rid of NV alltogether. Really NV has no place in an action RPG. Building a required buff with five levels is the antithesis of action.

So, being given a (albeit reasonable) time constraint to move quickly from kill to kill is the antithesis of action?

I really don't care whether or not skill changing removes NV. But don't take it away completely. If it's gone, then just give me a 75% MF/GF/XP buff for being level 60. There, problem solved.
Pretty much but the "achieving" something part of it is still valid. Just the skill restriction for not being efficient (in two ways it would seem) and fun it is not valid.

I strongly feel they need more skills on the skill bar available at one time for the game to truely shine in the skill diversity fun factor.
Something to really think about, and something Blizz should have taken into account, is that a single build accomplishing almost everything in the game is errant in its own way.

This is what produces homogenization - in other words, it makes everything the same. People seek only the optimal build, and copy each other; any attempts to stray from the norm are only to find more optimal builds; diversity itself becomes almost nothingness, due to lack of incentive to experiment with the abnormal.

The best part about skill diversity is that many builds become viable in different situations, requiring different gear, playstyles, and even player mindsets. All of these things melding together creates a very fun atmosphere for a game, and encourages player discussion and mutual development, instead of everyone trying to find the absolute best build in 100% of situations.

Nephalem Valor, in itself, doesn't need a penalty at all - in fact, it was introduced moreso for the lack of good drops in Diablo 3 than it was to "fix" the skill system. If a blue poster explained the skill penalty mindset behind NV, proving it serves it a purpose better than free skill swapping does, this debate wouldn't arise again from time to time. After all, there are many ways to make this game better, and removing this restriction is only one of them - closure sure would be nice in this situation.

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