When will we see "Ask the Devs" answer?

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Anyone know when we'll see answers for "Ask the Devs"?
I've been wondering that myself.
Taken from the sticky:

Approximately a week later, we'll provide you a list of answers delivered directly from the developers.
Approximately a week later = 10days in BPT (Blizzard People Time)
No Patch and no answer to "Ask the devs". Awww c'mon give us something!
02/05/2013 04:45 PMPosted by babinro
Damn, the blues were hoping you forgot about them!
They did the ask the devs thing before and just came up with a paragraph of text based on the topics that were allowed. That is what they did this time. Not only that the guidlines are set up so that the devs only have to write a paragraph to pertain to each topic and post that. Allowing only 500 comments and the strict guidlines was a sure way to get to say that because of those post that is why the dev team never talks or interacts with the community directly. Not only that they stated that there was gonna be an, "ask the devs" every month with a new topic. So the post took place at the end of Jan. this is Feb. who wants to bet that the month will pas without there being a new topic added for, "ask the devs" let's wait and see?
I was wondering that myself, but then, I realized there's no point in reading "that's something that we would like/wouldn't mind doing" fifty times in a row...
Now I am wondering if I can be a blizzard designer
seems quite easy
not much creativity needed
02/05/2013 04:45 PMPosted by babinro
Blizzard is legendary for having zero sense of urgency about getting anything done. Heck, they're probably just now getting around to buying their spouses and kids Christmas presents.

I suppose it does longer to match vaguely worded, PR-sanitized marketing messages to the actual submitted questions in order to craft the illusion that they are actually "answering" any questions. Then they will blame translations and delay a little more.

I predict "answers" no sooner than Feb 18th.
When I come back here and there is still no answer for "Ask the Devs" then I'll kill all the kitty in Diablo 3!....Now which Act has kitty? O.o
My guess sometime this week, and patch next tuesday... one can hope.
coming up on 10 days since ask the devs thread closed...

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