bugged cow king encounter

Bug Report
I crafted the various staffs of herding all the way to the infernal version. However now I am not able to make the portal to Whimseyshire because no matter how many games i make on different difficulties and MP levels(I have tried combos from every single difficulty) the map of the old tristram road never has the cow king spawn layout.

It is pretty frustrating that this encounter is so buggy :(
I had a problem with the staff of herding as well I made 2 before I knew that it only needed one and that you only have to upgrade the one. Have not tried to go there in some time but I believe that you only have to have the Infenal staff to get into whimsyshire. I plan to delete the other staff and plan on a char IF the patch is not out before I do so. Because the patch is gonna let you sell it, or them for 0 gold or drop them.

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