getting socketed rings w/gems already in them in drops

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What's with the magic (blue) socketed rings that have a flawless square emerald already in them that I've gotten three times in drops over the course of three months? Has anyone else found these?
Might just be picking up a ring someone else dropped or something.
Each time I found one of these rings with an emerald in it, I was playing alone, so it wasn't something someone else dropped. The first time it happened I thought that maybe I inadvertently put a gem in the ring while it was in my character's inventory. So I didn't make too much of it. Then it happened again weeks later, and I hadn't moved anything around in the inventory..

Yesterday I found another in inventory when I went to sell stuff to a vendor. The only other thing I can think of that might have happened is that my inventory was full and when I picked up a gem in a drop, there was no more room, so the gem went to a free socket. But why into a ring and not one of the many socketed items also available in there? I've had a full inventory before and tried to pick up a gem - I get the usual - "my bags are full."

There were no other attributes on the rings other than a socket, and shen will remove it from the rings. I'm weirded out about it, kinda. Maybe I'd had too many double lattes. Is Blizz into gaslighting? LOL!
I picked up a rare ring last night, ID'd it and it had a gem in it. 1st time I've seen this.
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Be afraid. BE VERY AFRAID!!!

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