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Blizzard South thinking they know how to make a Diablo game.

Skill trees - these were never really utilized in d2. Active players looked up builds/gear guides.

Auction House - Really no major issues imo for implementing. People were buying gear in d2. My complaint is the actual interface. Searching and filtering can be annoying.

PVP - would be nice but I thought it was terrible in d2 and most arpg's. So not a big deal there for me.


I think item drops are frustrating (the occasional set item is nice even if it sucks--makes you want to keep going) as is the story, multiplayer system and end game. In an apg, I generally expect the end game to be farming bosses--it's just what is expected!

The biggest flaw for me is that they are under-utilizing the social aspect of the game. Many people I know never touched d2 online. Here, everyone must be online, but there is little to integrate players into social gaming--instead it is often confusing and the chat is probably ignored or is intimidating for many players. So, while this was potentially an innovative social opportunity, it was not done well.
The main thing they did wrong was fix all the stuff that wasn't pressing and ignored the actual problems, they didn't do things subjectively, imo.
Implementing the game when it was not ready.
Forums allow non-D3 accounts to post.
made a staff of herding for each difficulty...duh

oops thats what i did wrong read it wrong so thats 2 things wrong now geeezzz
put wow and guild of wars together... took everything good from diablo 2 and said we dont need it
u prob thought it was back cuz u wheren't good at it =D it was better then this ptr dueling
took away stats and skills trees i cant make my own char gear based really? gay! ya'll really screwed the pouch trying to make diablo3 but that game is good as long as u change the name to somthin different
what they did wrong to make D3 is that they never played D2 before making D3
It did launch wrong. I also think it was a mistake to make people beat the game several times over to reach endgame.

Items need to make more sense and be less RNG based, making most drops useless on all fronts, including legendary drops, which should always be an improvement over rare drops.

Endgame needs to be more than running the precieved few sections of one act over and over. They need a specific, randomized (including map look) endgame encounter. We shouldnt be raising the catapults for the 1000th time at endgame, but participating in a crazy map where anything could be thrown at you.

Act bosses. While the few in game are fun, there is zero reward other than moving on to the next act, which becomes pointless at endgame. Act bosses should be more rewarding, but should only spawn after completing enough of the act to deter uberfast boss only runs, which were boring.

They really nailed the basics with the game, they just need to focus on what people will be doing for the paragon grind and after.
Apply MMO concepts and vision to Diablo.....

i think thats the biggest mistake made with diablo 3
-You just farm and doesn´t get a better item than yours .
-The good itens of AH is impossible to get with gold . (except if you havent a life or spend real money)
02/04/2013 01:47 PMPosted by Zaxxon23
WOW annual pass. Brought way too many people in Diablo who do not understand what the game is about. Attempted to please them with hybrid wow/diablo mechanics and ended up pleasing no one.

Rofl, that is the most moronic thing I have ever heard. The game was almost ready for release before the annual pass came out, and it did not affect the mechanics a single bit.
game isnt dark enough except spire 1. when i played d1 everything was dark and i was always scared what was around the corner when right away they throw fkn butcher at you.
1. Removed manual stat point distribution

1a. Removed the ability to increase skill damage through skill points.
Item duping
I really didnt think there was alot messed up untill i tried to come up with a number one lolol wow they really did a doozy on d3. I could come up with an entire list
Apply MMO concepts and vision to Diablo.....

i think thats the biggest mistake made with diablo 3

I think this about sums it up. The root of all mistakes lies here,,,and trying to make it pick up and play friendly
Blizzard needs to add an official DPS calculator and perhaps a guide as to what your stats need to be to complete the MP levels. The game itself is pretty great and is quite easy to work the AH and get gold.

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