Goblin Toes; my contribution.

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This is a concept I made for the Goblin Toes idea that is in the forums
I imagine this, a final boss battle agaist Greed, or whatever this fat bastard is called... You enter the arena, and he is waiting, laughts at you, and then treasure goblins start spaming from the caves in the sides, these are agressive goblins, and when you kill a goblin, Greed suck the loot with his mouth and start to grow! at one point he evolve and start to grab goblins from the caves and throw them to you, and he has some molten gold cauldrons that use to attack you . When you kill Greed, he explode in a massive golden-blood-meat gore fest... also, he give you all the loot from the goblins. Hope you like the idea, and we can work toghether to make it better.
Sorry for my english...

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