Stone of jordan is good dps boost or not ?

Demon Hunter
The titles says it all.
"it depends". at a certain dps point I think it's a great boost (and the +disc is a bonus).

I'm at 340k dps vs white mobs and 440k dps vs elites with the SOJ. if I'm not feeling lazy I'll swap out the SOJ in-between elites (this is for high MP only, I dont need the soj for mp0-2)

Ok look at my gear and tell me what could i change cause i dont know how to get at like 200k dps.... like every DH is geared better then i
your weapon is the weakest link. bump up its dps and you will see great returns from all your other pieces of gear.

both your nat's pieces are pretty entry level. low dex on boots, and no crit damage or chance on ring actually hurt more in those gear slots..

your rare ring is more of a crutch than a dps piece. Good dex and great vit amount but no crit damage or attack speed. and attack speed is huge for when using a Manticore with slow base attack speed.

your gear is nice and beefy tho. nice life regen, decent all res and hp pool.

I'd say go for a weapon first and see how it pans out for you. get up to a 12xx or 13xx dps even 1 socket manitcore.

then start lookin for more dex in your boots. add another 100 there.

get dual dps stats on rings - attack speed/crit chance/crit damage. 2 of the 3. its a must for higher dps.

get some pants that have a split vit/dex roll and get more dex on your pants and some vit instead of thorns..

just some thoughts really.. i'm not a manticore user so hopefully someone who is will chime in and help you better than I.
I use them for MP10 Uber runs. I think they help despite me losing about 25k dps if I use them.
My dh is built around soj, so i will say its great.
But still soj is best and worst item for me. I always think thats possible ar/as/cc/cd/stat i m losing.
Not to mention, every time i m on trade chat to selling something, i get trolled bad because of my dps shown in profile. Sigh i hate trade chat lol
i changed a few things now, what else ? by the way i changed my gear before i read what you wrote, bull ill take it in consideration
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I use them for MP10 Uber runs. I think they help despite me losing about 25k dps if I use them.

30% > 25kdps loss
Definite good against elite. I paired my stone of jordan +29% on elite and +12% plus Bola shot and using Quiver with +13% bola shot. Result = reaching 1mil per crit.
spike trap nat chest + spike trap Soj = party in pants when it comes to elites.

absolutely ridiculous damage. 1m++ crits for daaaays
SoJ is definitely good I'm starting to think frostburn might be as good for glove slot as soj is for ring slot if you can get a cold weapon / skill also. Doing the math it's hard to beat a 30% dmg increase with other combinations of stats.

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