WD advice/build for hardcore

recently lost my dh cause of a computer driver crash, RIP ='( but decided to not quit on hc, really enjoyed it. decided to start on a wd for fun since i never leveled one in softcore. id be playing either solo or with a barb friend. would like tips on itemization and builds on doing so. money isnt too much of an issue, thanks for the help anyone who reads this haha
All depends on how you like to play.

For damage your only real option is to go bears, if you have a ton of LOH you can use Acid Cloud Acid Rain and get insta health refil. Both of these builds use Rain of Toads as a complimentary skill. Acid Cloud and Toads have the highest proc rates for LOH, stun, etc.

You can also use a Spirit build (this is what I used to play through), which is pretty fun:


On the secondary skill side, pets will get you pretty deep into inferno, only molten takes them out and they tank like a bawss which is nice solo or in a group.

Targets to shoot for as you approach and pass 60 would be 400K ehp and 40K dps from what I've seen in other threads. I lean more defensive so I like 650 to 750 ehp and dps in the 30s.

Only other thing to be careful with is attack speed, too much of it and you burn up your mana, to little and your cast animations are really slow. In general, it's the last thing you wanna worry about.

Good luck with your WD.
From softcore; it's pretty comprehensive. If you tweak it, most stuff works for hc.

I have a pretty decent Acid Rain / Rain of Toads build. I really leverage the high proc rate for LoH (weapon, pants, ammy) and Freeze (see my belt). Its a very safe build for HC imho.
Im currently in Act 4 inferno with my HC WD. I used life leech bats (to tank and good AOE damage) with pets till about lvl 30ish then switch to acid rain and use spirit vessel. I dont like using zombie bears in HC, you have to be too close to the action. Better to let pets tank while you rain damage on them from afar with rain of toads (or splinters) and acid rain. Also spirit walk is a must in HC.
Since "money is not an issue" there are essentially three end game builds (imo) that are prevalent or gaining traction:

The two dominant end game builds are Zombie Bears with a focus on high mana pool and/or regen. This style enables for a higher eDPS against elite/champ packs and bosses. The style though is a tad more mana intensive

Acid cloud builds focus on LoH and are abel to quickly recoup most (if not all) of their life pools from mobs. This build focuses on speed of killing normal mobs, while maintaining the ability to defeat champ/elite mobs with some effort. This build style is considered safer due to the life regen abilities.

Sacrifice builds are beginning to be tweaked a played with in HC. There are two trees forming from this ability. One school of thought focus on getting ZD CD as low to 0 seconds as possible and using sacrifice as a primary damage ability. The other school of thought (and the one I believe in) is that you use sacrifice more so for its rune buffs than damage.

I hope this quick overview helped.

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