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Hello everyone,

Can anyone point me to a guide for my barb that just got to level 60? I am looking for a budget guide - I've got a bout a 10 million gold budget. Also, if you're wondering why my character has so much dex right now...it's because I usually play a Monk and just used some of my leftover Monk gear. I've decided to give the Barb a try though.

Can someone point me to some useful threads/guides?

You need to replace every piece of gear lol. 10 million isn't alot of money, but you should be able to improve what you have alot. my advice is to find one of the elite barbarians here and look at their gear and stat placement. Try to do what they do. You won't be able to match it of course, but it should give you an idea of what stats to put where. You will need to be a very smart shopper to make that 10 million go along way.

also switch out berserker rage to the weapon master passive. it will give you a DPS boost which you are in dire need of.

you need to use battle rage (into the fray or marauder's rage)

what type of barb do you want? sword/board, duel wield, or two hander?

add me as a friend. i have some stuff I can give to you I think
I'm thinking about building a sword and board tank barb. I just found a guide on how to do that w/out cc or chd, so I might try that out. Really, I'm just interested in checking out how much fun the barb is compared to playing my monk. I might try out the whirlwind build at some point because I like fast movement (I do a Tempest Rush Monk most of the time).

Thanks for your feedback!
^You have to be very careful if you're looking at high tier barbs for reference. Many item choices on a top tier barb (like inna+wh, and even soj) are totally out of the question for a budget build, and don't tell you what you'd want in those slots when working with a fraction of the gold.

As mentioned above, your build is going to have a major factor in regards to item choice, I'd recommend taking a look at the stickies, but some general information:

-2H is the most cost effective for building sheet dps.
-1h+shield is the most cost effective for building ehp.
-DW has the highest fury generation and skill build versatility (in terms of what you can run efficiently across multiple gear levels).
Thanks, duly noted!
02/06/2013 10:07 AMPosted by Millhouse9
Thanks, duly noted!

Yeah, you do have to be careful looking at the more elite barbs, but it is a good way to get an idea of what to do. Just look at stats. you can get some good inexpensive rares that will give you at least a fraction of what the big boys have. don't try to get the legendary or set items -- they are snazzy -- but you can get inexpensive rares that come close to those. Like I mentioned. add me -- i am sure i have some stuff you could use

like Sein says above. 2 hander weapons are the quickest way to boost you DPS. you could probably get you a low end skorn for around 1 million.
Thanks GreyWolfSif, I'll definitely add you later this evening!

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