needing gear advice for LL+AD/Meteor

I know this is a mid mp build but with better gear, I'm assuming it can go mp8+. Majority of MP4 is a faceroll but I'm struggling just a tad with MP5. What should I worry about upgrading the most? I figure I'm lacking a lot of armor and ar and I know I can switch out Storm Armor for EA+Prismatic but I've got about 20mil to throw around and I'm wanting to knock it up a few notches. Any helpful advice is welcome!
Your amulet looks kinda mediocre, but I'm not 100% sure whether you want to upgrade it now or just wait till 1.07 to try your luck crafting a BiS.

Maybe a new weapon or a witching hour... (actually I like my meteors hitting HARD with 2-handed Skorn arcane dynamos, but that's just a personal preference, can't say if it's better or worse) :)
I don't recommend using a Skorn. You lose 10 APoC 10 CC skill bonuses or EHP that can be provided by a source.
Do NOT Run prismatic. Losing 20 ap is a huge knock.
Hey! Sorry I didn't give anything more before, I was at work...

couple of gear recommendations in order of importance...
Buy the cheapest Maximus you can find, give it to your Enchantress. You'll never look back.

Black Damage Weapon --- this one is a must --- even though you're only using the Storm Crow, that extra 8% on 100k DPS is 108k...just from your weapon being physical. (i got my dagger for fairly good price, i have one without the OS for only 3m if you'd like to buy it) eventually you may want to incorporate a tal's ammy that will offer another 6% elemental damage, and zuni boots with another 8% elemental damage, and if you try this build with -meteor SoJ and Frostburn Gauntlets were talking MAJOR gains from using a physical based weapon.

Oculus - higher Average damage. Search for ones with 240 average damage and meteor cost of at least 4. Should be able to find one for a very good price. TBH 4 second TP cooldown has served me better in 1.0.6 than -5 meteor reduc while using LL build, however, if youre interested in trying Emporer's RM Build then youre going to want -5.

Unity - I bought one with AR last night for I think 6m or something silly. My minimum was 160 Intell, 25 average damage, and 36AR (this put me to 700 total AR).

Neckpiece - Your weakest item IMO. Try a Tal's, you'll gain a ton of stuff and not lose any life if you shop around a little bit. Link a bunch of different options from the AH and test each one. IMO your best options (unless you have unlimited budget) are going to be one with AR&LoH, CC&Armor/Physical Resist, IAS&Armour. Dont be too concerned about the 8% CC you'll lose if you can't afford a tal's with CC, that 3% from your Pox give's you nice wiggle room. As long as you keep you CC at 40% this build will be effective.

Consider Zuni Boots, WH, eHP bracers, and BT Pants. All of these pieces can fit nicely into this build, its just figuring out what works for you. Also, on any pieces you get, consider getting Physical Resistance. I dont have any of the math behind it but a lot of the things that kill you (mortar, arcane beams) are actually physical based.


Build itself...
I see your running Aimless's version of this build...I have to take a FIRM FIRM stand against his choice of skills, particularly passives. CMass is necessary (will not be once 1.0.7 comes around) However, Conflagaration is not worth it at your current DPS. I know 10% seems like a lot but its really only 7.7k for you, with Aimlesse's 175k DPS it might be considerable. You'll be much better off using any of these three Passives... Blur, Prodigy, or Astral Presence.

Blur is incredibly underrated. Try MP5 without changing any of your gear, and just use Blur instead of Conflag. You'll be shocked at the eHP and mitigation it offers. Shaggy's Thread on LL/APS. He made an incredibly difficult to read table ;0 on the front of that thread showing AP returns with 20 APoC + Prodigy vs w/out Prodigy. You'll be spamming Meteors like canned ham if you use Prodigy. This means more meteors (especially if you get ur APS up) more damage and more Life Steal!!

Astral Presence - this is Prodigy's little brother. Its great if you're running RM build because you dont use a Signature Spell in RM build but it's only mediocre in the LLMeteor build. Deeper AP pool is convenient, but empty means empty. And 2 APS isn't that huge unless it's used with Arcanot and Tals Set bonus...

Diamond Skin vs Bubble. This is totally playstyle based - i perfer ranged style so Stretch Time is my pick (sometimes I use Time Warp). If you perfer Melee-Style, DS will be better in some respects...MP10 demands Diamond Skin. However, eventually you'll reach a point in your DPS where the 20% offered by Time Warp out DPS's Shards.
Try both, Time Bubble takes some getting used to if you haven't played it a lot. It was my bread and butter in Hell Mode so im very Keen on time bubble.

My last suggestion would be switch Wormhole for either Safe Passage or Fracture. Unless your speed farming you'll really enjoy the mitigation offered by one of these options.


in a nutshell... get a maximus, a black damage dagger with IAS and LS (socket if you can afford). Experiment with new Skills and Passive.

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