Need help gearing

Hey guys, I'm trying to optimize my gear and would like some suggestions on how to make fairly substantial improvements without needing to spend a ton per upgraded item. I only have about 30m right now... I can farm mp5 efficiently, but feel that I'm still in that entry level tier of gear.
Anyone have any thoughts?
maybe you should tell us what's your goal so we can give you some ideas? such as getting more dps versus more survival, farming versus ubers? and what's your definition of farming efficiency, I am sure a lot of people say alk run that takes longer than 10 mins is not efficient(I am not one of those, I do runs in around 20 minutes in mp6).
I'd like to get to about 150-160k dps unbuffed with about the same res that I have now, and hopefully close to 50k hp. I'm also the kind of guy who just runs random things because I get bored of running act 3 all day.
I am pretty sure that your profile currently show your gold farming gear, which is quite interesting how you took a different approach when it comes to farming. Anyway, you might want to log out with your regular gear that you want to improve upon so people can give you the correct judgements
Ah, sorry ahaha. Yeah I'll do that right now :)
with 30 mil cap, I would start with replacing the EF offhand to one with + .24 attack speed at least, even with less dmg it's fine, just get one with + .24 aps at least, then you can drop the + ias on the mace and maintain your breakpoints, so just look for a massive dmg range mace (650+ - 1200+) with socket , even you need to drop the CHD on it, it's fine.

You might not have enough gold at this point, but if you sell your old stuff, you should be able to upgrade IK chest to one with 180+ str, with the similar stats as yours. Then upgrade all your ruby gems to +50 str, very cheap for this part, and also upgrade your emerald to +90% CHD.

That would burned all that 30 mil (and you have to sell your old items), you might be sitting around the edge of 150k, but your true DPS will be much higher
Alright, I'll start there. Thanks!

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