Tanky Wizard?

Is there such thing as a "tanky" wizard who can stand toe-to-toe with enemies at higher difficulties and live? If so, what's the build?

many of us

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build = any cm variant that can proc diamond skin effectively and the mitigation to make diamond skin useful.



sns so far my favorite build in d3. theres how to gear one
Thanks guys! Is teleport used as a panic button? Or is it used all the time?
ive used it as panic button or to repostition myself for better freezes. or with wormhole just moving quicker
I use wormhole for panic button...especially for elites with arcane sentry with freeze
How will this hold up compared to a sword and board, defensive build barb?
^it will cost 10X as much as a average HOTA barb, less eDPS, but better freeze/party buffs for group play and stuff

also it's pretty fun to play, but yeah, dont let anyone fool you on the cost.
start save GOLD now.
Farm more to sell.
Anything don't know, just read/search in the forum about SNS CM wiz.
Archon is typical tanky wizard build. But you *NEED* a lifesteal weapon (and don't believe those who say you don't).

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