Itemization/crafting in a nutshell

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Step 1:
Open up the skill calculator (found here: ). It defaults to Barbarian, but pick any class you like.

Step 2:
Click the blue gem at the bottom of the page (above the demon bust). This will populate the skills randomly. Notice that there are 6 skills to choose from, each with 5 runes.

Step 3:
Repeat until you get back to the original random build. For now, ignore passives. Alternatively, you can pick 6 skills/runes beforehand, then click until you get that exact build.


With each click, what you have essentially done is craft an item with 6 random affixes, and you are hoping that they not only are the affixes you want, but are in the range you want.

If you add the rule that you must have the correct passives as well, with each click, you are essentially simulating an item drop. Not only must it roll the right affixes, it must roll a 6-affix item to begin with.

Here, each click takes less than a second. Drops/crafts will take significantly longer. How many times did you click before you gave up?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

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