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i cant read english well.
what happen on February 11?
107 coming?
How did I get here? I don't even play this game anymore! Oh well glad to hear that your team is able to get the full rest experience when they are sick. I have to answer e-mails, work on projects, etc. when I am home sick. You guys are lucky we threw enough money at you at release to keep this steaming pile of crap from getting cold. And I'm sure all of your 10% or 15% transaction fees in RMAH (don't know what the rate is never go there) that come directly from botting and flipping are helpful too. Did I hear a sense of frustration in blue post? Sorry I just feel like Lylirra has way too many snide remarks for being part of something that should never have gotten over 55 on metacritic. This entire team is a joke.

TLDR Go ask the guys in the SCII side of the building how they managed to make an extraordinary sequel without alienating their entire die hard fan base.
hmm im not sure that there is a cure for Activision-sickness!
they need special treatment indeed.
I heard that a an antidote named "blizzard north" can fix them asap!
Hope you guys get well soon.
This is killing business!

Same, but from many of the blue posts on the topic, Blizzard does not allow staff to work from home. I suspect it has to do with ensuring privacy of customer data for support folks, and secrecy of development data/trade secrets with regard to the dev team.

Write a letter? Is hand writing and the U.S postal service non existant? Email???

Hey boss heres my Q&A responses for work they should be at the office shortly. Make sure somebody puts them on the forums at the intended time so we dont further angry our already outraged community. Just doing my job.

CLEARLY you cant read......not allowed to work from home actually means.....NOT ALLOWED TO WORK FROM HOME.......

And the "outraged" community is probably the 40-50 snotnosed 12 year olds who feel entitlement to the world and everything it has to offer without actually contributing to society....

And the fact that you seemed outraged because they didn't answer the questions because they're sick...makes me think you are in that 12 year old bracket.......
welcome...the walking dead is coming back
cut the guys some slack will ya? ya, it sucks that ALL the d3 fans depend on a FEW dev's to answer all these questions. you dont pay to ask these questions, therefore blizz is paying these guys, not you. so untangle the panties from ur butt and just wait
thats the dumbest thing i've ever read on ANY game forum. I really doubt they need troll feedback. I 'and i'm sure blizz' hope you have a good day guarding your little bridge. g'day. @ wrathofrecca
Thank you for the update.
Speaking of Zombies new episode of The Walking Dead tonight!
02/08/2013 06:50 PMPosted by Lylirra
That's pure hilarity. 3 devs?

The Diablo III team is pretty big, but it's made up of multiple working parts, and most of the designers tend to specialize.

I know I'm gonna kick it grandpa style, but this is why GM couldn't build a decent car for like 50 years... a bunch of guys working on particular parts and not one person who knew how to design an engine from scratch...

Ok, carry on.
Due to many of our developers becoming flu-ridden zombies and needing to be quarantined so they could recover, we've had to postpone publishing the answers to your questions for the first round of Ask the Devs.

Rather than posting the answers this week (as originally scheduled), we'll now be posting them on Monday, February 11, around 10:00 a.m. PST. We sincerely apologize for the delay, and hope you can forgive us for our recent zombie outbreak. :(

Maybe if they slapped a monthly sub onto this game it would get some actual attention.
They already did that it's called the rmah and "RNG".
Some one is sick and probably a big part of the Q an A. Relax.

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