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Help! After months of not playing, I return to find that my account has been suspended @-) So then I tried verifying my e-mail and yet afterwards, I still cannot login to Diablo 3! It shows me error 53 and says that my account is suspended. Later on, I read that penalties such as suspensions usually last around 24-72 hours. It's been more than 3 days and I still can't log-in! What do I do?? :(((
If you have been suspended or banned then you need to check the email registered to the account. They should have sent you an email containing the details of your ban. If they did not, then you will need to use the ticket system to file an appeal. This is the ONLY way to appeal - Account Admin can only be reached via ticket.

Select D3 as the product - I can't log in - I am banned or suspended and wish to appeal.

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