Need some advice from experienced DH's.

Demon Hunter
I'm trying to figure out two main things:

Faster EXP farming
Solo Ubers MP7+

I currently earn about 40-45 million exp an hour (a little more if I actually focus)

What build and gear would give me the best chance of soloing through Ubers on at least MP7? I already have one Hellfire Ring, but want to put one my follower since I just got a second Leoric's as well.
Grenades are not the greatest. Perhaps swap for bola shot with thunder ball for crowd control. Not sure what you are hitting the wall with in mp7 please explain what hurts you the most and how often you die in mp7. I think the skills are what need to conform to your needs. What kind of crowd control skills do you find most effective? For a long time I used elemental arrow with fear and thunder ball on bola shot and the distance I could keep was great. I play MP7 in a group so I don't often use crowd control unless the group calls for it.

best of luck chap.
For soloing ubers; 400 all res, 4k armor and 40k life and about 200k DPS will get you through it pretty easily. Any less and it's struggle.

I usually use the Lightning bola with echoing traps as my build for high MPs. You might also want to use the boar if to tank for you and to shake off the bosses when necessary.

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