Who are they trying to fool?

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Can Blizzard explain us how this basic PvP took over 8 months to be ? How a company as Blizzard whit one of the best developers team can tell us as an excuse to push PvP arenas out "We are not satisfied by our team's deathmatch it adds not much to Diablo 3" after all this time ? How is this possible when the first movie of arena date of 2 years ago?

I think Blizzard has just released this PvP Mode to meet their promises for a "release of a PvP mode in a futur Patch" and the real PvP is coming with the expansion, this means we are just took as idiots who bought a Game with the idea that Deathmatchs will be released soon and it will be free and i just find it outrageous.

if you really want to be shocked compare the items in this game to path of exile

jesus christ

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