What is wrong with my wiz

Started on my wiz this month and upgraded his gear using my monk .. Now i have randomly built my wiz with absolutely no knowledge of how a wizard should be built .. Now after reading a lot of post about different builds im confused .. I not sure if the gear my wizard is wearing is correct also not sure if the skills im using are corrct .. Im able to do mp 1 inferno right now by kitting elite mobs ..

Need some useful tips in fine tuning my wiz from the expert wizards out there
You need more crit to start off with. Swap to pinpoint rune on your energy armor, and trade in your tal neck for one with crit and crit damage. I would also recommend archon build over what you are currently running with, because you have no apoc, and arcane orb benefits more from a high base damage weapon than an ias wand.

Get a cheap 1h black weapon with int, crit damage/socket and a triumvirate and win.
If you are going to run Archon you should be running Sparkflint and Magic Weapon. Get rid of Astral Presence and get galvanizing ward. This will increase your armor duration during archon form as the idea behind archon is you can kill enemies fast enough that it constantly keeps archon up.

So swap out meteor and teleport for magic weapon (force weapon) and sparkflint. Swap out astral presence for galvanizing ward.

That will help you get on the right track.

Your AR is also low so dont go to high in mp less you killed.

Remember with Archon its all about keeping it up so do the MP level that allows you to do that. with the two damage buffs I said get you should hit 130k ish sheet dps. I am guessing mp1-3 maybe for perma. Been awhile since I ran archon so im not the best to ask on at what mp level should I play with my current dps question.

If I was you I would use the following passives:
Galvanizing Ward
Glass Cannon
Critical Mass or Temporal Flux (for some crowd control).

Archon - Improved Archon
Magic Weapon - Force Weapon
Familiar - Sparkflint
Energy Armor - Pinpoint Barrier

Now I would look at what I would do when Archon goes down. If Hydra and Forked Lightning work for you then stick with them.

Quick ways to up your DPS is to get a Triumvirate and black weapon with Life Steal (no elemental damage). Also increase your Critical Hit Chance and Critical Hit Damage. For defensive your armor is ok but your AR is way to low. When looking for upgrades look for pieces with good AR which should be easily afforded if you are patient.
Thnx a lot for all da good info .. I will try these opinions for sure ..

Just one question ? What if i swap my sloarks madness wand with the one that has LS .. Do i have to buy a black a black weapon instead .. Black weapons are crazy expensive these days in ah the one with LS n AS or CD n socket

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