Was this chants wand a steal?

It's half the price of socket chant wands... http://imgur.com/i32l53b

It was ending in 1 hour too. So It was up for 35 hours without being touched? Is AH buyers dead for high end items? Brought it for only 350 mil.
9 ApoC and exactly minimum intelligence roll.

350 is a great price, but not as good as you'd think.
97 crit for 350m, i got mine, 79 crit 1.1k for 200m

not a bad price but kind of 'i want it anyway' kind of thing
Basically a socketed chants, 1.65aps, near 1.2k dps, 9apoc

Yeah that's a fair price....but is it a steal? I wouldn't think so.
I think it's a steal unless I have been paying overpriced for all of my gears...T_T.
You've been paying overpriced for all your gears :P
@carnac - so did you get yourself a new T&T with CD?
Nope not yet, there aren't any with 9 aps listed anymore, will keep waiting :) In the meantime I had to upgrade my chant force, bc I was afraid you'd buy it if I didn't buy it before going to sleep. My overpriced purchase of the week, hehe.
@carnac whenever you are looking an item, I also watching. remember so make sure you snipe it as soon as possible.
No way. I feel secure in knowing I never overpay as much as others do :P Back to the topic, this wand was nice, but no OS is no good :( Watch as they come out with another tier of gems in a few months.
I must have overpaid mine for 685mil...damn..

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