Dueling Re-Named to Brawling

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*some obligatory comment about d2*
rough crowd! Keepen 'em honest perhaps and all for the better maybe....but fewy....tough group.
Can't wait for the update
sigh this isnt the pvp i was promised at release

After 1.0.7:

WHAT suprises me is ppl actually still play this garbage of a game i havent logged on since july and dont plan on it either sorry this dump down "brawling" system you call dueling or w/e u made us wait way to long and now ur biggest mistake was hireing jaywilson and haveing all the f-a-g carebears from WoW complain and cry how they want the game when really they prolly didnt even play diablo 1 or diablo 2 like most of the "diablo" fans did your game is a let down and yeah BACK TO POE AND DOTA 2

free acct as well its kinda loaded but hey u prolly wont be able to access it so pm me and its urs free :)

ps i also bought d3 and this is only reason is cus i loved d1 and d2 so much me and 2of my other brothers that played with me as well all agree we all shared 1 acct just incase we didnt like the game thank god we all didnt buy it, would be kicking our selfs but yeah u got my 60$ but that is the last time i get foold by you gl with sales in sc2 hots which i actually liked sc2 but how d3 was such a let down i will not buy any of your games anylonger to show you how big of a mistake you made
When is the real 1.0.7 update coming ive been waiting its like forever..
who plays this game
OMG.... Brawling.... for the next update I'll be waiting for SUPER or Fatality Moves....

.... I can't believe Blizzard is digging its own grave like this...
Plz plz, plz!! Just add an option to disable/enable who we want to be able to hit! In doing this we would be able to do 2v2s, or 1v1s where there are 2 people watching the fight.
This would be very nice to have if someone who streams would want to organize a tournament and comment the duel, for example.

Plz plz plz, do this!
We need permanent deaths in hc. Else the HC community will be broken. Listen to us before its to late.
02/08/2013 11:57 AMPosted by ZergRyles
Quarter Pounder with cheese. A Royal with cheese

"Moe! - Larry! - the Cheese!"................."Moe! - Larry! - the Cheese!"
must be a joke.

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