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This is silly, just call it dueling. Don't worry about hurting any feelings from people who think every gameplay is set in stone.

02/08/2013 02:26 PMPosted by Touche
lol, so true, stop trying so hard to not be D2, and suck it up, instead of keeping what was good from the game and added to it, you invented a whole bunch of irrelevant systems that no one finds FUN.
This person's "we" does not include me.
first of all, you band of malcontents... the definition of the word duel is a fight between two people. if you can have more people than that in the fight, it is no longer a duel.

i love how the renaming of the "preliminary PvP offering" in the next patch has people's panties in a bunch. oh, i'm sorry. underpants. ;)
Should've named it "took us 9 months -and still not there yet- but in the meantime" although maybe that's too many characters.
How about you put all that RMAH money to good use and make actually additions to the game. You guys are a joke I actually like this game but this is unbelievable. These type of post/updates are an insult and lack of respect towards the D3 gaming community; instead of giving information with substance ( e.i. Actual release date, which u guys obviously must know I mean u can't expect to live of that it’s too early to tell crap for ever) you guys don't post for a whole week and when one of u actually decides to even open the forums page u manage to address the most insignificant of issues. The developers ask for input and for ideas and all you guys show is how those request are DISSREGARDED completely, you guys have your own agenda and will always put that before the community's requests.
The point is not about trying to define what the word "duel" means. It's about how they deal with their development of a project.

It's like, people have been expecting you to release an airplane and you also decided to make one, however, you then realized you can't make wings... so you were like, "forget it." "I'll just label this thing a car instead of calling it airplane...." But, are you still going to make an airplane afterward? I doubt that...
And now you present your "car" to the audiences and say "umm, it should be called a car." What would the audiences react? "Ok, it's cool you call it a car but what's up with the airplane you said you were going to make?"
I renamed my cat Mr muffin, it was Mr sparkles.

Cool story right?

Nice update.
That is a cool story.
New pvp system should be called bawling cuz of how badly it makes me want to cry this games a joke
Im actually logging in to post something.

Another terrible useless blue reply... and only 1 response after like 3 + pages of.. OMG WTF WAS THAT?

You can tell they're probably reading all the replies going.. "Ok how do we formulate another BS answer".

Hate to hear this. Blizzard pretty much just said they have no plans to make "brawling" more enjoyable.
02/08/2013 12:00 PMPosted by Lylirra
I'm gonna go ahead and call it dueling, if you corporate types don't mind. Stop trying so hard to not be Diablo 2, it's kinda pathetic.

Most of the feedback we've been seeing from players has been in the context of what dueling was in Diablo II and how it exists in other games. Generally speaking, dueling in other games has always been something that you can do in the normal world at a moment’s notice (or at least initiate at a moment’s notice through a challenge). It’s something that only involves two people, and carries with it the expectation of formality and structure, and to a degree…fairness. That’s not really what dueling (now brawling) is about in Diablo III, and we want to make sure that the scope of the system isn't being misrepresented by its name.

Lylirra, are you able to explain why the system that was in Diablo II wasn’t implemented?

An honest question, it’s that usually people make changes to something if they don’t like it or think it needs improvement.

I can’t speak for all of the community, but if this feature and probably 90% of the game was made more like Diablo II, the game could have been much better and would have been what people were expecting.

I just can’t for the life of me understand why the game is so different to its predecessor. To me, Diablo II was almost the perfect game and didn’t need much core changes.
you don’t need to worry about [thinking about, designing, and/or making stuff], and that’s exactly what we love about it.

ah i c
LOLOL! you mean to tell me that out of all the feedback you got back from ptr, this was the "update" that was important enough to warrant a thread? i dont care what you name it: dueling, brawling...the fact of the matter is, as u noted in ur original post, the community wants the type of dueling that existed in d2. stop beating around the bush and focusing on semantics and actually get off ur lazy butts and work on some development in the game. honestly, i'm laughing right now after i read ur little "update" for the name change. stop being lazy and taking the easiest routes for everything. community not happy with the current version of "dueling"? let's not change anything except for the name so they won't have anything to complain about. LOLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
I see. My apologies. I just got home from a long shift and i'm a bit cranky.There's a lot of excitement going around about 1.07.....I can't wait.


I don't think you should apologise. It is Blizzard who should apologise. After 8 month after launch, and 12 years in dev of D3. They can't even provide a system that resembles D2's dueling? As bare bone as D2's pvp is, D3 is actually a step backward. To name a few missing features: In game group invite? 4 player instead of D2's 8 player game?

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