Gear upgrade, only got 3m?


Any advice here?

Hm, guess I accidentally switched my main and offhand. Ignore that since I don't want to log back in atm. XD
17x+ Str Mempo of Twilight. Was just 1m+ yesterday.

chc+ias rings preferably with Str or Average Damage

Pants with >150 Vit (max is 300) and 60-70 AR so you can afford to drop Vit on weapons in the future.
put your offhand in the mainhand slot then buy either a cheap echoing fury (socket+strength+0.24 or 0.25 attack speed/crit damage+strength+0.24 or 0.25 attack speed) or if they are too expensive a sword/dagger with cd/socket/strength/life steal (can get cheap ones if you ignore dps). Your ehp is almost too good for your current damage lol.

edit: sorry, just read the end of your post about the oh/mh lol.

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