Suvivability + Damage

I need some help getting my wizard to stay alive but also be able to crank out some damage but I'm at a loss for what gear I need to switch out.

Right now I die VERY quick. I do enough DPS but nothing that will help me get by in MP6+.

Anyone have any tips?
at a glance, you need more loh. vit and all res.

also, switch out glass cannon for cold blooded.
CM+Archon hybrid. You should decide what build you want to play. D:
Any specific gear upgrades?
you have over 24%ms and are essentially wasting a spot that could be used for better stats. For the most ehp gain i'd suggest swapping out the pants unless you need the ias to remain at your current bp. I'd suggest either some AR blackthorns or some high vit/int depth diggers/rares (i'm currently selling 195int/230vit diggers atm if you are interested) OR swap your boots to ice climbers with some good int/vit and keep your inna's for the ias.

I'd personally lean towards the pants as blackthornes would give you some added loh which would help you greatly as you are pretty light on it.

EDIT: also swap glass cannon to cold blooded for more effective dps, your paper dps will drop but that -10% armor is really hurting you. Archon should also be replaced with say teleport/magic weapon - electrify/slow time. Not to mention once you get your ehp up a bit you can drop force armor for storm armor- shocking aspect for even more dps (again won't be displayed as paper dps)

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