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Define diable 3
Diablo 3 is good but I don't know about diable 3
A great drink coaster.
Thumbs up right hope it gets better end game
Diablo 3 - noun; de-ah-blow - three

1) A much anticipated release: The predecessor to its counterpart as an epic squeal, that, much to the dismay of the fan base was actually a "new" game in and of itself.

2) A time sink. (see divorce)

3) Botters paradise (see scammer)

-Note: It is highly debatable the reason the game doesnt have a monthly fee (see World of Warcraft) is because of the "Real Money Auction House" and the fees aquired from player transactions.
Diablo 3 -

An unfinished action RPG that still lacks east coast servers, constantly has rubberbanding issues, and requires you to play act 3 to get anywhere in the game.

Jay Wilson's new book, "Seven Years In Act 3" explains just how awesome your gaming time spent will be.

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Quad box all you want to get ahead.
Use bots all day because they won't ever get banned.
Auction house offline until we fix the problem,
Auction house online and we fixed none of the problems.
Auction house offline until we make more problems for it.

Hey look I made it to act 3! What next?

Herbalizer - mine was better, you just sound like your complaining.. I love you.
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A great drink coaster.


A great drink coaster doesn't have a hole in the center.

Diablo 3- a game trying to be better that it's prediseser but fails to do so only the future can tell
Yours was better
work in progress
It will get better over time
A funny action game and a nice distraction in case you're tired of playing too many RPG's.

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