Help on my ammy please

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Dear support guys,

I have an amulet that I've posted over the RMAH and I'm at wits end trying to figure out where it has gone. Last time it was returned to my completed tab was on 05 FEB 2013. I then reposted this together with other stuff. What baffles me is that, only the amulet failed to show up when it expired. Now, I'm not gonna go nerd raging over it if it's already lost for good. I understand that it takes quite some time to have stuff returned and no items are lost forever as you have said in one of those blue posts. I just want to know what you see from your side with your tools.

If it would help, that ammy was the only amulet I have been posting at that time over the RMAH. So, if you see "amulet", i guess that would've been it. If you need more info, I can post it's name and stats.

I also hope that sometime somehow you can throw us a bone and fill us in on some details just to beat our anxiety over those anomalies at the AH. The iron curtain style only just adds to that anxiety in my opinion.

Having said all that, if you've got something, you can send me an email or just reply to this post. Thank you and good luck to your tech team on getting the AH fixed.


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