Next upgrade.. need suggestions

Help me out.. alot of the stuff i wanna upgrade will cost me a ton.. maybe im looking for the wrong things for those spots.
I don't think you're looking for the wrong stats, your gear is pretty good so unless you are having problems with something, you should be saving up for straight upgrades.

If you really want to spend some gold, here are a few suggestions:

-Get a soj (in place of left ring). Straight upgrades on helm and shoulders to make up the vit loss.
Your armor is pretty high, so you may just want to go for 400+ stat shoulders with all res.
-Get a pair of ik boots to keep the 2 set bonus, then grab some rare trifecta+str gloves.
02/09/2013 03:38 AMPosted by MooseJuice
Mempo with cc. Thats about 100m

>.< memp with crit @100m+, one i got was way overpriced. impulsive behavior can really a burden.

@Op , any upgrade you make from hereon will cost you boatloads of gold
Everythings Expensive. I know for sure i wanna look for Non-Vile ward shoulders with %life + vit and high str, cc mempo.. I have some trifecta gloves atm, so i can drop my gloves if i can get a decent pair of ik boots. My ammy, i found, thats kinda hard to replace especially because it has high str + ar. Thanks for the suggestions, ill focus on Boots and shoulders for now, and can replace gloves when i get boots!

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