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02/08/2013 10:24 PMPosted by AmakusaShino
Not sure why but sometimes I got outbidded the moment I placed a bid regardless of minimum bid entered or some random number?

That is by design. It's called proxy bidding. You bid the highest you're willing to pay, and anyone who bids under your bid will immediately be outbid.
Doesn't it make sense to take down the both AH's until this problem is fixed?
FYI: I noticed something that kind of helps recently with the AH. If you try to complete an action and the AH doesn't seem to be implementing that action, like sending something to your stash or canceling an auction, try CLOSING the AH and returning to the QUEST selection screen. Then, go back to the AH. Sometimes this allows the transaction to complete quicker. Actually, anytime something isn't moving quite as fast as you'd like or items not showing up, try that. It's worked many time for me the last week. Kind of an annoying work around and it doesn't work for everything, but better than nothing.

I like the auction house system and enjoy it being linked to the Diablo game, but when it doesn't work right, it really drags the fun down. It really needs to work right and should be a priority fix.
Are missing Items going to be replaced??
Working great for me this morning
Central Time Zone @ 8pm

Issue encountered (gold AH)

The load times to view current auctions has a delay loading.
Items would not post. Received "Error (0)" after 30 seconds.

However, searching and purchasing items seemed to work fine.


This can include:
  • Error messages (please provide a screenshot of the error or state exactly what the error message says)
  • Long load times, or issues with loading pages on the auction house
  • Transaction delays or issues completing a transaction
  • Missing items or currency
  • General usability issues that impact your ability to browse, sell, or buy items

Thank you!

While our support representatives are unable to assist with finalizing your transactions or speeding up the rate at which they process, our technicians are currently investigating the issue and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible. In the meantime, we’d like to assure players that, despite these delays, we’ve not seen any cases in which gold/currency earned as a result of a sale or items purchased on the auction house have been permanently lost.

D3 dev team. Always good for a laugh.
Since the last update, my game is totally lagging. Maps do not render correctly (only partly) and are frozen, as if the game was still operating without being connected to the servers. During this time, I can move, attack, cast spells, but I cannot affect the ennemies, the environment or modify my own character. It lasts from seconds to minutes, and sometimes disconnect me from the server.

It's not my own Internet connexion, I tested it several times during the past day.
The AH ate a couple of my items (as in they went poof and were not returned to me after I cancelled the auction). One was really expensive. According to support, the auction ID I have for my missing item references a completely different item that has never belonged to me.

What can be done about this?
02/08/2013 07:24 PMPosted by Lylirra
I dont know what time zone you are in but it is February 8 where I am!

I think I broke my TARDIS. :(

That software is still around? I thought it was outdated now that it's built-in Windows for quite some time now...
02/09/2013 05:19 AMPosted by Gin

I think I broke my TARDIS. :(

i could repair it for you.

Do you have a sonic screwdriver?

Even if you could fix it...A Tardis can only take you into outer space where you will be attacked by rolling trash cans with plungers.......or somewhere in London.
Thank you for making a centralized thread.

I had a batch of ten items in Gold AH which were set to expire sometime within the latest AH maintenance downtime. Of the ten, three sold, four returned, and three are missing. No record of expiration or sale in the log, not present in my AH stash.

Certain items continue to have extensively long periods of processing in any manner of listing and canceling, and the tab showing current and completed auctions takes an extraordinary amount of time to load when first logged into the game.

All items in limbo have appeared as of yesterday.
I still have not received payment for 4 RMAH sales made on Thursday Jan 31st. They tell me it can take 10 days or more. Kinda discourages me from even playing!
Everything working fine for me in the GAH now
How long has this game been out? When are you going to get this right? So glad I don't use RMAH, if I was losing real money on this garbage job you did coding this game I would really be pissed
It is saying I have 0 items in the completed section try removing some before I can buy out a auction. There are zero item in the completed section. How can I remove items from zero. This happened After the maintenance. Logged out and loged back in and it is working now. But when I try posting items it is timing out. But later I am finding the item posted on its owne but for the price of the item I tried posting later. Just what I am exspeariencing if it can help.
I sold Lacuni's 2 sunday's ago in RMAH, and its still processing :P

Any hope ?

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